Should you be stricter about letting your teen drive?

Take a look at the facts: The leading cause of death for teens is from car crashes. All teen drivers aged 16 to 19 are inexperienced, and are much more likely to be involved in car crashes than experienced older drivers. The risks of teen driving are well-known, but if you are involved in your teen's driving you can change the odds and help to prevent serious injuries and death.

Start by extending the period of supervised driving. The more practice teens have under experienced adult supervision, the more likely it is that they will demonstrate good judgment on the road. Teach your teen how to avoid dangerous driving situations. Be strict about when you give your teen the car keys, and limit night driving as well as the number of passengers in the car.


Set strict, uncompromising rules that your new driver will have to adhere to. You gave your permission to get a license; so you give permission to drive. The keys are in your hands, so help your teen by being strict with basic ground rules. Enforce these restrictions to help your teen become a better driver. Make your teen understand that obeying the rules of responsible driving can save lives. Rules of the road, such as buckling up, obeying traffic lights and signs, and keeping to the speed limit, are non-negotiable; so is no drinking while driving and staying focused. Hand over the keys only when your teen makes a commitment to drive according to the restrictions that you set. When your teen gains driving experience and proves to be a responsible driver, you can change the limitations accordingly.