How do you stop your teen from being bullied?

Contrary to what people might think, parents can have a strong influence on their children, even during the teen years when communication seems at a standstill. Parents who are involved in their children's activities, who monitor their teen's Internet use and set good personal examples of emotional reactions to various life situations, can make a big difference to their teen's own coping skills. If you suspect that your child is being bullied, first talk to your child, and then take steps to respond. There are ways to stop your child from being bullied. Bullying at school is an aggressive display of physical power and social standing targeted at the weak and insecure. It can cause the deterioration of physical and mental health in teens and in some cases has resulted in the death of high-school students. Online social networks have expanded the impact of bullying beyond the schoolyard, making it a constant, threatening element in the victim's life.

Be aware of any distress signals coming from your teen, whether physical or emotional. Changes in behavioral patterns, poor appetite and withdrawal from social activities are some examples. If you discover that your teen is being bullied, take steps to stop it. Make positive suggestions that can help your teen cope with stressful situations and boost his self-confidence. Keep an objective and factual record of the incidents, including a list of people, places, chat messages and texts. This can help the school administrators investigate the incidents and take action. You may decide to consult with an attorney, using legal action for a wider approach to putting an end to continued bullying that the school or community can't deal with successfully. Consult with a mental health provider if you feel that your child has been traumatized by these events.




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