What are signs of stress in teenagers?

The teenage years can be demanding and challenging for teens, and parents should be aware of the signs that their teen is experiencing stress. Stress management and coping skills are important lessons to be learned, and the stress overload that adolescents may feel at times is something that must be addressed by parents. The pressure and demands of school, attaining personal goals, peer pressure or a hectic schedule can cause significant stress in a teenager's life, and continual stress might have serious consequences to a teenager's well-being.

Any significant change in behavior may be a sign of stress. In teens, this might mean that they choose to spend more time with their peers, or with a new set of friends that you don't know. Teens might avoid their parents, or exhibit hostility toward family members. They might take out their anger and worry on others as a reaction to the stress overload they are experiencing. Any change in their interactions with the people around them is something to be aware of, and if you are concerned with your teenager's behavior you might want to check in at school with teachers and guidance counselors to voice your concern.

Negative behavior patterns signify that something is wrong. Stress can wear teenagers down, and constant fatigue is another indicator of stress. A teenager might feel sick more often, and complain of physical symptoms such as headaches and stomachaches, or other aches and pains. These symptoms might also be stress-related. Listen to your teen; negative behavior also manifests itself in negative thoughts and negative statements about themselves. Lack of motivation, feelings of anxiety and panic may affect normal functioning, and signify depression and stress, as well.




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