Are there parenting groups for adolescent teens?

Adolescence is a difficult time for teens, and parents might find it hard to adjust to the changes, as well. Sometimes parents simply want to share their experiences and be reassured that they aren't alone in dealing with the challenges of parenting adolescents. They are looking for strategies and solutions to family problems that arise as teens display rebelliousness, anger, and other often disturbing ways of exhibiting their newly emerging individual identity. Often, parents don't know how to set limits and follow through, or their teen is uncommunicative and has no sense of responsibility. Sometimes the problems with teens are due to emotional ups and downs, as mood swings and pressure build up, causing stress-related incidents and behavior that have to be addressed. Parents can learn how to avoid and deal with crises in a supportive and sympathetic group of parents.

Sometimes adolescence brings with it deeper crises that are manifested by risky behavior that needs special attention. Parents sometimes find themselves struggling with the behavior of a suddenly out-of-control teen who defies parental control and limitations. Substance abuse, promiscuous behavior and dropping out of school are some examples of self-destructive behavior that parents may encounter when trying to raise an adolescent. Parents can learn what steps they can take to control destructive and dangerous behavior.

Frustrated, worried and anxiety-ridden parents can find a group that they feel comfortable sharing common problems and solutions with, and they can learn from the experience of others in the same situation. They can also learn how to control their own stress and anger, and improve communication with their teen while dealing with the adolescent changes. Some of these groups may be led by professionally trained facilitators.




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