Are there such things as online jobs for teens?

By: Contributors

There are some online jobs available for teens, and they can be done at home in their spare time without having a negative effect on their schoolwork or other scheduling issues. One popular online job for teens is answering online surveys. Marketing companies are interested in teen opinions and feedback to understand their target audience. The opinions of teens can help companies decide about developing new products and services and how to market current products for teens. Teens can sign up to participate in online surveys for these companies, and they will be asked questions on any number of topics, such as their opinion on specific products, movies, fashion and music preferences. Some companies pay in cash; others pay in prizes. Online survey companies sometimes specify a minimum age, and some may require parental permission.

Just as in other Internet-related issues, parents have to be aware of potential exploitation of unsuspecting teens. The many dangers of cyberspace are not always clear to children and teens, and parents have to look out for their teens' safety online, even as they are trying to earn money and prove their independence. Make sure your teen is applying to a legitimate Web site for a legitimate job. Check the contact information and details to make sure it isn't fraudulent. Reiterate the rules of safe surfing, such as not giving out unnecessary personal information or contacting people they don't know. Explain to your teens that they shouldn't blindly believe everything they read because some Web sites may be posting fraudulent claims or may even be a scam posted by an adult who is looking for a victim to manipulate and exploit. Parents should teach their teens to be cautious and not agree to pay anything to participate in online surveys or any other venture.