How to Request High School Transcripts

A high school transcript is a complete record of the grades, curriculum, achievements and credits you earned during your four-year high school career [source: High School Transcript]. How you go about requesting a transcript depends on whether you're requesting it before or after you graduate high school.

If you're still in high school, follow these steps:

  1. Check with the colleges you've applied to for the proper addresses for transcript submissions.
  2. Submit a request to your high school records office to send copies of your partial transcript to all the colleges you've applied to.
  3. Submit a second request to the high school, following graduation, asking them to send your final transcripts to all the colleges you've applied to.

[source: Requesting Transcript While in High School]

If you previously graduated high school and are now considering a college education, you have a number of options.

  • Contact your high school, its district office or local Board of Education and ask if the high school has a Web site on which you can directly apply for a transcript. Check whether the high school submits the transcripts directly to the colleges or mails them to you. In the latter case you'll have to submit the transcripts yourself.
  • Ask if your high school has an e-mail address. If it does, request a transcript request form from each college you're applying to, fill out the forms and e-mail them to the high school. If your high school doesn't have e-mail, you'll have to mail, fax or bring in the form in person.
  • Check the internet for online transcript request forms from the colleges you're applying to. Print them out, fill them in, and submit them to your high school.

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