How to Make Your Tween Think You're Cool

Cool Ideas for Tween Rooms
Lavender and baby-blue striped wall. Original artwork. A nice spot to play guitar. This room is cool.
Lavender and baby-blue striped wall. Original artwork. A nice spot to play guitar. This room is cool.
Jack Hollingsworth/Thinkstock

Part of the growing-up process for tweens is to build a more mature identity, and they'll want to express identity via their only personal space -- their bedrooms.

This is also a great opportunity to win cool points with your tween by allowing him or her to decorate that room. She'll appreciate that you trust her design sensibilities. You'll give him a creative outlet. And the two of you will have a project to work on together (bonding alert!).

A tween's likes and dislikes can change from month to month, week to week -- sometimes seemingly day to day. So, the most important piece of advice we have for decorating your tween's room is: Don't make anything too permanent. Design a space that can grow with your child. Sit down with your tween and find out what he or she is interested in, and then jot down a few thoughts and brainstorm together.

Following are a few ideas we've seen and loved:

  • Vinyl wall art: One of today's hottest d├ęcor ideas is the vinyl wall sticker. These are great because they're relatively inexpensive, they come in all different themes and styles, and, once your tween is tired of them, you can just peel them off the wall.
  • Connect the dots: One designer redecorated a tween girl's room using polka dots as inspiration. He painted the walls with bright colors and put up round corkboards that the tween girl could use to pin up her favorite photos and pictures. The bedsheets featured brightly colored polka dots, and a solid color comforter tied the room together.
  • Heavy metal: A tween boy who was really into rock and roll designed his own room using cool blues, tans and browns. Accessories like metal storage boxes with wheels added some "backstage" feel to the room and doubled as seating for impromptu jam sessions.

Most importantly, make sure your tween has input and veto power. Remember that it's your child's space, not yours.

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