How can you help your teen lead an organized life?

Teens find it hard to stay organized, as they struggle with obligations and the many distractions of the teen years. Teaching your teens how to focus and manage their time is the basis for their success as adults. Mastering those skills requires parental guidance and support. Adolescents are in the process of breaking away from their parents and developing their individual identity. They are looking to assert their freedom and individuality, but they may feel overwhelmed by the pressures; the result is often the inability to manage their time and responsibilities. Conflicts often arise out of the power struggle between parents and their teens over control and independence.

Teens need help with managing their schedules, and even the most obstinate of teens should be made aware of the consequences of not fulfilling their obligations at school. This means setting clear expectations, boundaries and limits. This is important in all aspects of teen issues, both social and personal, and guiding them toward organization regarding their schoolwork is one example. Teach your teen how to manage his or her time by making a schedule that includes schoolwork, extracurricular activities, deadlines and social agenda. This should include keeping track of school assignments and events. Teach your teen not to leave things to the last minute. Organization makes everything easier, even the basics of organizing notes, notebooks and folders. A functional and organized workspace makes it easier to think clearly and focus on assignments without distractions.

Organizational skills and the ability to focus and concentrate are skills they will need as adults, so discuss with your teens how organization, or lack of it, can affect their future.




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