How do you help your teen get a job?

By: Contributors

Parents can help teens look for jobs by first discussing what might interest them and the ways to find jobs that are appropriate. It is important to emphasize responsibility, as well as appropriate behavior, attitude and dress to teach teens a work ethic and job etiquette.

A good way to begin a job search is to help your teen prepare a resume. A teen resume may not include work experience, but it should focus on academic achievements, hobbies, interests, skills, volunteer work and extracurricular activities. Working on a resume gives teens a chance to assess abilities and focus on specific interests that can help in the job hunt and sharpen the skills they need to fill out job applications and answer questions in interviews. Once the resume is ready to distribute, think of your contacts and networking possibilities, and have your teen think of some networking options as well. You might start with friends and family, the community center and local businesses. Online sites have local job listings for teens. Talk to your teens about what might interest them, and encourage them to apply for jobs even if they are not advertised. If your teen is into sports, a local sports store might be a good place to try, or a pet store if your teen loves animals. Talk to your neighbors about opportunities for babysitting jobs, pet-sitting or mowing lawns. Networking can lead to temporary jobs, summer jobs, and even internships in fields that interest your teen.


Help build your teen's confidence by doing practice interviews. Providing encouragement and support in every step of the job hunting process is just as important as finding the job. Any age-appropriate job teaches important life skills, and volunteering may be an option to build experience and add bulk to a resume.