What is a good exercise routine for male adolescents?

The good news is that male students are more likely to participate in vigorous physical exercise than female students (72.3 percent vs. 53.5 percent), and male teens are more likely than females to play on school sports teams or sports teams not affiliated with school. First, look into sports that you enjoy. You can choose a team sport, like football, basketball, baseball or hockey, or you can even try a different sport each month. Handball, tennis, swimming, rock climbing, hiking, fencing, rollerblading, ice skating or gymnastics may appeal to you, and if you can get a friend to join you, it'll be a lot more fun. You can make small changes in your life that add up to a healthier and more fit body, such as walking to school instead of taking a bus and jogging to a friend's house instead of driving.

Set yourself goals, like working up to doing 50 push-ups by the end of the week or 100 chin-ups by the end of two weeks. Mark down on your calendar how far you've gotten toward your goal each day. Don't overlook your school as a good place for exercise opportunities, with soccer, track, dance and basketball often available. Your local "Y" or community center might also offer inexpensive classes, but if cost is no object, join a gym or buy a fitness game like Wii Fit or check out a few exercise DVDs.

Build up your exercise routine gradually, and start with a stretching or warm-up exercise before you work out full throttle. Drink plenty of water, and vary your exercise routine so that if you work on your upper body on Monday, with bicep curls and shoulder presses, work out on your lower body strength the next day. As long as you get in an hour a day of exercise, you should notice the difference in your health, energy level, mood and physique.




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