What are fun vacations to take with your teens?

By: HowStuffWorks.com Contributors

Family vacations should create memories of shared experiences and family time. The destination may depend on the season, your teen's preferences, and your budget. Whether you decide on a road trip, a mountain resort, a beach resort for a sun-and-surf vacation, sports or adventure travel, it should be memorable quality time and fun time for the whole family. The first step to a fun vacation starts before you set foot out the door: Make sure your teen is happy with the choice. Build a vacation around activities your teens will enjoy, so they won't get bored.

Teens and parents together often spell conflict, but vacations can be fun even in those troubling adolescent years. Traveling with teenagers has to be well-planned. Some resorts have programs grouped by age and interests; all-inclusive vacation resorts or cruises give your teens the freedom to roam, eat all they want and participate in activities and social interactions without breaking your budget. Planned activities take the pressure off parents, and everybody's happy. Some vacation packages cater to teen activities and interests, which may include outdoor sports, adventure travel, or nature.


Road trips to planned and teen-approved destinations can be fun too, without the added hassle of flying. Make sure the hotels and resorts you choose are teen-friendly, with attractions that will keep them busy, such as outdoor activities or ones that are digital media-oriented. Whatever your travel plans, map out as much as you can ahead of time so that your teen has a say and knows what places you will be stopping at and visiting. In that way, every day can be something to look forward to.