What to Do When Your Child Comes Out

Defend, Support, Love
Show your child that there is nothing she can do to lose your love.
Show your child that there is nothing she can do to lose your love.

You know the parents you wish you had? The ones who told your soccer coach where to go when he said you belonged on the bench? The ones who said "Go for it!" when you thought it would be fun to wear a plaid shirt with polka-dot pants to kindergarten?

The ones who made it perfectly clear you could do nothing, absolutely nothing, to lose their love?

This is the parent to be when your child comes out to you, and these are the feelings to get across to your tween, teen or fully grown adult: There is nothing wrong with being gay; you are good, normal, worthy and fully deserving of love; and whenever you feel like sharing, I am here with open ears.

It may take some time to get there, and that's OK. But the sooner, the better. What you're going through is, most likely, nothing compared to what your child is experiencing.

For more information on parenting, support groups and LGBT issues, look over the links below.

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