What are some appropriate hair styles for teens?

Parenting adolescents can be difficult, and one of the skills you need to develop is a positive attitude, even toward the shock factor that teens sometimes like to emphasize in their looks. Clothes and hair styles may be one way for them to express their individuality, especially for teenage girls. Hair styles for teens should be easy to take care of, fun and flexible. Maintaining healthy hair is just as important as the style and statement that a specific hair style makes.

Medium-length hair is the most popular, versatile and easiest to style. It's easy to curl or wave straight hair with a curling iron, or straighten curly hair with a flat iron. Longer hair can be worn up, braided or pulled back in a simple pony tail. A popular and classic teen look is long hair cut in layers. Cutting bangs adds style and frames the face for a different look. Short hair styles are easy to take care of, not only for a chic, low-maintenance style, but also for active teens who participate in sports. Accessories for hair such as headbands, clips or barrettes offer endless possibilities; it's fun to diversify and try out chic trendy styles that can easily be altered to suit a teenager's mood, clothes, different occasions and events. Whether casual, loose, cropped, braided or in a bun, hair styles are an easy way to experiment with looks and emphasize personality and mood without going over the top.

Teens are all about fashion, and teen magazines and celebrities are often the source for new hair styles. Appearance is important, but there are some styles that may not be age-appropriate or bring out the best in a teen. No matter what is considered fashionable, some styles are just too grown-up.