5 Cool Personal Things You Should Tell Your Tween

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Communicating with your tween isn't easy. You can be the best parent in the world, have an amazing relationship with your child and still struggle with getting through to your tween.

And there's a lot going on during this period that you should be talking about. It's the age when most kids stop playing with toys, start thinking about the opposite sex and begin yearning for more independence. Understandably, it can be especially difficult to connect with your tween during this time, and many parents go to crazy lengths just to get their kids to pay attention.

But you don't have to yell, tell lame jokes or use bribes to connect with your tween. All you really have to do is share something personal. As a parent, what you say has a profound effect on your child, and just like the rest of us, tweens respect and will respond to honest, open communication.

In this article, we're going to reveal what kind of personal information you should tell your tween to get him or her listening -- and talking. We'll explain why empathy, respect and proper discipline are all necessary for your budding preadolescent and how the message of a popular '60s song relates to your child.

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