10 Worst TV Parents

What's Endora up to next?
What's Endora up to next?
Silver Screen Collection/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Luckily for Samantha Stephens of the 1960s sitcom, "Bewitched," her mother Endora doesn't have a better half. Because we're pretty sure that in her case, he would've been a warlock. And not the nice kind, either. Endora was one bad mama -- who also happened to be a witch. She resented her daughter's penchant for mortal suburban bliss, but not as much as she begrudged her son-in-law Darrin. Endora did everything within her considerable powers to ruin her daughter's marriage. Once she even magically summoned Samantha's former boyfriend to appear, hoping her daughter would be unfaithful. Now that's the stuff monsters-in-law are made of.

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