10 Worst TV Parents

Al and Peg Bundy

Peg Bundy smoked cigarettes in the kitchen. Al Bundy installed his own personal toilet in the garage and asked his children, Kelly and Bud, to steal from the neighbors (on more than one occasion). Kelly and Bud were, by the way, about as supervised as stray cats. And when they were home, the kids didn't usually find a stitch of food in the kitchen cupboards or refrigerator. In fact, the closest thing they had to parental guidance was the self-indulgent couple next door. If this weren't enough of a parenting fail, the Bundys offered yet one more way to make us cringe: plenty of lewd banter about their sex life -- or lack of it. In one episode, they did show their frisky side and got busy on a picnic table littered with bird poop. Yuck!