10 Worst TV Parents

Evelyn Harper
Evelyn Harper -- mistress of manipulation.
Evelyn Harper -- mistress of manipulation.
Matthew Simmons/Getty Images

Self-centered in the extreme, Evelyn Harper's a master manipulator -- especially when it comes to her two grown sons, Charlie and Alan, of "Two and a Half Men." She's conned Alan into acting as her dinner date. And she's tricked the lascivious Charlie into splitting up at least one marriage, just so she could add to her offerings as a real estate agent by putting the divorcing couple's house on the market. But the boys' woes really started much earlier. Evelyn loves to tell Charlie (and anyone else who will listen) that she thought he was going to be a girl because the sonogram showed no sign of a penis. Which, she adds, is why Charlie's always been "a little drama queen."

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