10 Ways You Might Be Embarrassing Your Tween

Break out Baby Pictures
Keep baby pictures strictly within the family.
Keep baby pictures strictly within the family.
Jack Hollingsworth/Photodisc/Thinkstock

If your tween was once a baby of the round-headed, adorably-large-eyed variety, odds are your home is plastered with baby pictures. Although they may be a decade out of date, these photos are charming mementos of a kinder, gentler time. One in which your sweet baby didn't think you'd grown two heads (and done it simply to embarrass him or her, of course).

Once your son starts bringing the guys over to shoot some hoops or spend quality time playing Call of Duty, vanquish the baby pictures. Sure, you can devote an entire wall of the master bedroom to his photogenic face. Just don't do the same in the living room. Or any other place his friends are likely to notice a few naked-baby-in-the-bathtub snapshots. Keep the potty-training photos to yourself, too.