10 Ways You Might Be Embarrassing Your Tween

Baby Talk

To you, it may be cute. After all, how could a conversation go awry if you're working a few key phrases into it, like your daughter's nickname as a baby? If your little "stinkerpie" doesn't appreciate your terms of endearment, though, it's time to rephrase.

Turns out, teasing your tween with baby talk or long-held nicknames might have been fun a few years ago, but it probably isn't anymore. Tweens wield teasing phrases with the skill of master swordsmen, turning them on each other in painful ways. So don't use family nicknames in front of your tween's friends or even when you're alone, unless your tween says it's all right. Someday she may like to be called "snugglebug" again, but a high school diploma may be on the horizon before that happens.