10 Ways to Talk to Your Kids About Smoking


Share Your Experiences

Learning from experience is an effective way to learn, whether it's your experience or the experiences of others.

Get your kids involved in the learning process by asking them to interview adults who smoke and some who don't. Have them find out what they think about the habit, why the individuals chose to, or not to, smoke and what they would do differently if they had the chance.

If you've had a friend or family member die from a tobacco-related illness, talk to your kids about it. Tell them about your loved one, the anger you felt when they became sick and the feelings you had when they died.

Parents who smoke are more likely to have children who smoke [source: Riordan]. So, if you smoke, it's time to quit. As you go through the cessation process, talk to your kids about why you want to quit and your struggles doing so. Express your regrets about starting in the first place and stress how important it is to you that they remain smoke free.