10 Ways to Talk to Your Kids About Smoking


Teach Them to Say "No"

There are others who can help you send the message.
There are others who can help you send the message.

Ask your kids what their friends and classmates think about smoking. If your kids' peers smoke, it's likely they will be offered a cigarette at some time. Get them prepared to counter peer pressure before it happens.

Have a discussion with your kids about how they can say "no" if offered a cigarette. Depending on the situation, they can simply refuse, change the subject, leave the situation or voice their opposition to smoking. Role-playing with your kids will help them feel more comfortable with their response.

Building their self-confidence is another good way to protect them against peer pressure. Kids are more likely to experiment with tobacco if their self-esteem is low or if they're starved for affection [source: VanClay]. Remember to congratulate them on their accomplishments, give them encouragement when they need it and reassure them that you love them just the way they are.