Top 10 Parenting Tips for Tweens


Go Ahead and Grieve the Passing of the Early Childhood Years

Your child is still a child. He or she hasn't yet reached adolescence, but is quickly leaving the early childhood years behind. The years that, for you, were filled with touching, adorable firsts -- the first time she said "Mama, I love you," or the first time he made a card for you. As a parent, you're always going to think your child is growing up too fast, and you'll likely always look back on the sweet early years with longing. But don't look at the tween years as the death of childhood; look at them as another stage in your child's metamorphosis. Yes, you'll miss the blanket forts and games of hide-and-seek. And there's nothing wrong with fondly reminiscing about those years -- just remember that the tween years will have many firsts of their own.

Advantages of Parenting a Tween

  • You no longer have to directly control your child's every action.
  • Your child is old enough to help out with household chores.
  • You can have deeper, more meaningful conversations with your older child.