10 Things Your Teen Wishes You Knew

Sometimes I Need Space
Sometimes all a teen needs is some time be alone.
Sometimes all a teen needs is some time be alone.

Your parenting instincts have always served you well. From early on, your maternal radar alerted you if your child was playing far too quietly out of sight; if only we could count the number of self-inflicted haircuts or marker-to-wall murals this sixth sense has prevented. Now, however, your instincts may be steering you wrong. Especially if you're in the middle of an, ahem, "spirited" discussion with your teen. The flood of emotions you feel may prevent you from doing the one thing that could throw a little water on the flames: Give your teenager some space.

Turns out arguing with your teenager may cause you to revert to the same emotional age, thanks to neurons that fire in excess within your brain. This causes your heart rate to increase and your thinking to become distorted, making it impossible to see any gray areas where you might be wrong. The solution? Take a breather. When you don't see eye-to-eye with your teen, it's time to make sure at least one of you is a grown-up. Offering your teenager some space may just be the solution. You can always revisit the issue later, when you're both feeling a little less emotional.