10 Great Gifts for Teens


Magazine Subscriptions

At least they're reading, right?
At least they're reading, right?
Ron Levine/The Image Bank

Peruse the store aisles where teens shop, and you'll find more than a few budding mechanics, gaming enthusiasts, future bikers and fashionistas checking out the magazine racks. Since there are so many magazines around, and a healthy number cater specifically to teens, this shouldn't be much of a surprise.

We like magazine subscriptions as gifts for a number of reasons. They encourage reading. Don't scoff; these periodicals aren't all photos and one liners. They contain good information on everything from learning to change the oil in your car to staying safe during your morning run. Developing the habit of reading, whatever the topic happens to be, seems like a great idea to us. Here are a few magazines suggestions for the teen in your life:

  • Seventeen
  • Teen Ink
  • Teen Vogue
  • Teen Trend
  • Sports Illustrated (adult)
  • Popular Mechanics (adult)