10 Great Gifts for Teens


Video Games

You may have misgivings about encouraging your teen to spend any more time in the "zone" playing video games. The truth is, though, that these types of activities may not be all that bad. Video games can help reduce stress and anxiety and combat depression. Some research even suggests they may be mentally enriching. Before you sniff loudly in disbelief, consider the fact that your child is probably learning at least a few valuable lessons while playing video games -- patience, systematic thinking, hand-eye coordination and the ability to recognize patterns. This doesn't address issues like time management and rampant video game violence, but if your child is into gaming, she's probably already saving up for the latest title on the market or the biggest and best gaming console. If you want to buy a gift she'll really enjoy, this may be it. These indulgences can get expensive, though, so make sure you're getting the right product, and review the store or site's return policy before you buy.