10 Great Gifts for Teens


Gift Cards

Plenty of adults consider giving gift cards or certificates the quintessential copout, ranked right up there with cash as a gift choice that lacks thought and effort. We like gift cards, though, and think they're a great option. Teens are picky, persnickety, notional and sometimes downright contrary. A week after a trend goes viral, it's out the door. If you're a parent who just can't keep up with what's hot and what's not with your kids, you're probably in the majority. Gift cards offer some flexibility. You can let your kid know you care, but leave the gift specifics up to him. Gift cards let you stop worrying about getting this week's "flavor" right and just enjoy the gift giving process. With some cards, like the customized Visa® Gift Card, you can even upload a photo for your gift card that can look any way you choose. It's a fun, easy and relatively foolproof way to give a gift.

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