10 Great Gifts for Teens

Keep your teen happy -- give them what they want.
Keep your teen happy -- give them what they want.
Winfred Evers/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Gone are the days when your kids were as delighted with the boxes their presents came in as they were with the presents themselves. Teens develop strong tastes fast, and choosing the wrong gift may elicit a disappointed groan instead of the desired smile and grateful hug. Before you start trolling the mall for a gift your teen will actually use, check out our list of 10 gifts that won't end up on the return pile.

Chances are your teen already has some of these items, or needs a specific upgrade from something he's now using. Do yourself a favor and perform some reconnaissance before you shop. Consult your child's friends and siblings for useful hints, too. You'll be glad you did.

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