10 DIY Projects for Your Tween

Behold the Blackboard
Let your tween's imagination soar.
Let your tween's imagination soar.
Rennie Solis/Taxi/Getty Images

Your child may be a budding artist without a big enough canvas to work with. To give him a wall of his very own, all you need is a can of blackboard paint and some colored chalk. You do the honors laying down the paint (with some kid labor and recommendations thrown in). Game rooms, family rooms or children's rooms are great spots for this type of casual but creative wall treatment. Why not pay a little extra for blackboard paint mixed with magnetic paint? Your budding artist can craft a multi-purpose design wall that's perfect for all kinds of art projects and display pieces. If this seems too ambitious, consider backing a poster frame with luan plywood and using that as an artwork blackboard. It's large enough to make a great kid's canvas and your child can paint the plywood himself.