10 Best Movies About Being a Teenager

"Stand By Me"

As any teenager can tell you, maturing from a child into an adult sometimes means you have to learn things the hard way. Many of us had to fail several tests before we really understood the importance of studying, and we had to suffer through a few bad breakups before we learned what it means to be in a relationship. The kids in "Stand By Me" don't really learn what death is until they're staring it in the face.

Like many formative adolescent experiences, the story starts off innocently enough. A group of friends decides to take a trip to see a dead body, but over the course of their journey, they come to learn a lot about life, friendship and, yes, death. It's a beautiful film that anyone who's ever spent a summer afternoon goofing off with friends will enjoy, and it reminds us of the transient nature of both adolescence and life itself.