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Sports Word Game

Slide into a home plate of china!
Slide into a home plate of china!
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Complete this sports word game and find out if sliding into home can have a whole new meaning.

What You'll Need:

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Dictionary

Step 1: Do you love baseball? Live for football? Shoot for record-breaking hoops? Write out the special terms used in your favorite sport (words such as base, plate, and mound for baseball; dunk, court, and foul for basketball, etc.)

Step 2: Now ask yourself...do these words have other meanings? Look the words up in a dictionary to see if they have other meanings. How would those meanings change your favorite sport?

Step 3: What would happen if Sammy Sosa slid into a home plate made of good china? Could John Elway score if all the receivers were parts of a telephone? Explore the magic of words and meanings -- these would also make great pictures!

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