Word Games for Kids

Switch-and-Show Word Game

Try this switch-and-show word game and see how one word can make all the difference. Demonstrating how important one word can be to a story, this lively game also brings out the laughs.

What You'll Need:

  • Photocopies of a popular story
  • Correction fluid for copies
  • Markers
  • Paper

Step 1: Pick your favorite short story and photocopy it. On the photocopies, replace key words with similar but different words. If you picked a story about three well-known bears, you could replace "three" with "fifteen," "bears" with "rabbits," and "porridge" with "celery."

Step 2: Don't forget to make the replacements everywhere that word is mentioned. Now read the story with the new words in place. Does it change the meaning of the story? The moral? Does it still make sense?

Step 3: Now illustrate your favorite moment in the updated story, just to remind you of the fun.

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