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Quick Draw Art Game

Turn art into words.
Turn art into words.
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You'll need to be fast in order to do well on this quick draw art game.

What You'll Need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Cup or hat
  • Watch

Step 1: Before you begin, ask someone who won't be playing with you to write down some famous sayings or parts of songs. Have the person write each one on a small, separate piece of paper and then fold it.

Step 2: Put these pieces of paper into a cup or hat. If younger kids are playing, you can write down names of animals or objects that they can draw instead of songs or sayings.

Step 3: The first player chooses a piece of paper from the cup. Then he or she draws clues on paper so the other players can guess what the phrase is. Of course, you can't use letters or numbers -- that would be spelling, not drawing.

Step 4: You'd better be quick on the draw; you only have two minutes to get your point across. If someone guesses your word or phrase in that time, you get one point. If not, you get no points. Either way, it's someone else's turn to be the artist.

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