Where can single parents meet?

Meet Other Parents Naturally

Although using services such as speed dating and Internet meetings might be appealing for some people, many still consider the old-fashioned ways of forming relationships to be a bit more appealing. It can be difficult for single parents to meet other single parents out in the real world, but putting yourself in certain situations can help improve your chances for meeting and connecting with someone.

The first and probably easiest thing to consider is places you'll already be. This can range from your child's events to your own. Be open and willing to talk with people while at your child's sports games, dance lessons and even PTA or PTO meetings, for example. You may be surprised by the number of other parents in a similar circumstance, and it could be an excellent way to network and meet new people. Since you've already got something in common, it may be a bit easier to start a conversation there than it might be on a one-on-one date.

Clubs and classes are also an excellent way to network and meet people, even if you aren't there on a special singles night, as discussed on the previous page. If you have an interest or hobby, chances are there are clubs in your area that support them. These can range from book clubs to fishing groups. You should be able to find meetings in your area by searching the Internet or local bulletin boards at your library or event center. By participating in these activities regularly, you can develop a hobby while also putting yourself in situations where you could meet other single parents, even without that being your main intention.

Adult education is also an outstanding way to meet people -- especially other single parents, because many use that as a time to learn new skills that could benefit them and their children. If there has been something you've always been itching to learn -- say, croquet or woodworking -- odds are that a local university or specialty shop is offering classes.

The key with all of these methods is to keep an open mind and open line of communication with other single parents and your child. You'll also want to make sure you keep your child informed about what you're doing and thinking -- to the degree that you feel comfortable -- while still maintaining a life of your own.

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