How to Start a Parenting Blog

Topics for Parenting Blogs

The great thing about writing your own blog is that you can choose what topics you write about. You are in complete control of coming up with original content to post. Found a potty-training trick that has saved your sanity? Write a post about it. Terrified that your 15-year-old just got his learner's permit? Put it on your blog. There is almost no limit to the parenting topics you can write about, though you will find many popular topics already addressed in other parenting blogs.

Some parenting blogs focus on just the day-to-day events as they are experienced. The blog posts are often related to the time of year, such as the holidays or the start of school or summer vacation. These posts can discuss the mundane aspects of life as a parent in a fun, accessible way. Your voice and how you approach these topics will help to make them enjoyable to readers.

Other blogs focus on age-specific topics, from infants to toddlers to teens and even beyond. As your kids become more exposed to media, you may want to write about what kinds of role models are appropriate and should be encouraged. Or as kids start becoming more independent, many parents are looking for ways to be supportive, yet maintain a strong presence as a parent. Blog posts such as these abound. Any problem that you might face as a parent can be an appropriate subject for a blog post, because it's possible that other parents who are going through the exact same thing can relate and share their thoughts.

The topics you can write about are endless. You can share recipes, tips for being a green parent, ideas for keeping your marriage strong while raising children, or ways to manage life as a single parent. The most important thing to remember is that you should write about what is important to you, not necessarily what you think will be important to a reader. The more connected you are to the topic you write about, the better your post will be, and the more people will want to read it.

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