How to Start a Parenting Blog

Creating a Parenting Blog

Once you have decided to write a parenting blog, you will need to know how to get it up and running on the Internet. Although some parenting blogs are run by established online newspapers and magazines, many others are run by everyday parents looking to share their experiences. So you don't need to worry about being a professional -- there are many online tools to help you make your site accessible and fun to read.

There are several options out there for publishing blogs, but you will find these mostly break down into two different groups. There is blog publishing software that will allow you to have your own unique domain name, and other sites that will have your page as one of many identified by a username after their domain name, such as Blogger or LiveJournal. While the latter sites are free and pretty straightforward to set up, many bloggers prefer to have their own domain names, making their site more available to public searches. In this case, you'll need to purchase your own domain name, then use publishing software -- such as the commonly used WordPress -- to publish your site to the Internet [source: HowtoMakeMyBlog]. You can find online tutorials to help walk you through these steps.

Once you have the technical aspects down, you will want to decide what type of parenting blog you want to write. For example, it could be a general blog about day-to-day challenges or the fun of being a parent, or it can address a specific parenting issue such as potty training. Alternatively, you can just share funny stories and experiences. Knowing what type of blog you want to write and what goals you have for your content will help give you the direction you need to write that first post [source: Brooks].

Because you are writing a parenting blog, chances are you already know your target audience -- other parents. Think about this when writing your posts. The best way to increase blog readership is to have posts that other parents want to comment on and will want to share with their friends, family or their own blogging community. For more on connecting with other parents through your blog, read on to the next page.