What are single parent grants?

Types of Single Parent Grants

There are several types of grants available to help single parents. Whether or not you qualify for them depends on your individual situation. Factors that may determine your eligibility for a grant include your income, the number of children you have and your level of schooling, just to name a few. For many parents, a better job can be the solution to all of their problems. After all, a better job means more income, and more income will undoubtedly ease the financial burden of raising children. In order to get a better job however, most people need more education.

Luckily, there are several grants available to single parents that can help them go back to school. One nonprofit corporation that offers these types of grants is Raise the Nation. Their goal is to help women who are single parents pay for their continuing education or repay existing student loans. They offer both a Student Loan Repayment Grant, which is offered to women who volunteer their professional talents, and a Scholarship for a Continuing Education, which is available to women who wish to go to college or continue their college education [source: Raise the Nation].

If you're looking for financial assistance for things other than continuing your education, you still have several options. For example, you may be able to obtain a grant or some other type of financial assistance to buy a home. Start by contacting your local housing authority to see what your options are. You can find a list of these agencies on the Public Housing Authorities Directors Association website, PHADA.org [source: Public Housing Authorities Directing Association]. Another great way to search for grant opportunities is using the Grants.gov Web site. It was set up specifically to help people find and apply for federal grants [source: Grants.gov].

Once you find the grants you qualify for, you'll have to fill out applications. Keep reading to find out how it works.