Ultimate Guide to Parenting Classes

Active Parenting Classes

Active parenting classes strive to foster respect between parents and their children. They try to teach effective disciplining practices along with productive ways to instill a sense of self-respect and responsibility in your children. Being a member of a family is sometimes a lot like being the member of a sports team: You have to work together to be successful, but that takes practice. Active parenting classes give you a way to structure your family practices.

Signing up for an active parenting class is similar to signing up for a college course or a training seminar. Depending on the class, it may take place over several weeks or a single weekend. Either way, your physical attendance will be required -- that's the whole point of an active parenting class. Beyond that, active parenting classes can differ as much as anything else. It all depends on the instructor's philosophy of parenting.

Keep in mind that most classes are geared toward learning how to parent children of a certain age, so you'll want to make sure the class you sign up for is age appropriate. There are also classes that focus on certain problem areas, such as tantrums in young ones or drug and alcohol abuse in teenagers. Whatever the case may be, active parenting classes seek to engage you in the learning process. They tend to require class participation, working in small groups and immediate application of the lessons learned.

Active parenting classes can provide you with the tools you need to be a better parent, but not everyone can make the time commitment they require. That's where online classes may be a better option as they tend to be much more flexible. Keep reading to find out more about online parenting classes.