What is parent2parentnetwork.org?

Benefits of parent2parentnetwork.org

The goal of the Parent to Parent Network is to help build healthy and safe communities by fostering relationships between parents, children, professionals and other organizations. The main benefit it offers is providing parents and children with quick access to a wide variety of information, resources and support via its Web site and events.

But the Parent to Parent Network is more than just a resource database. Volunteers use it to help to connect schools, organizations and professionals who are qualified to work with relevant issues, so they can expand their efforts in educating parents on dangerous youth behaviors. The Parent to Parent Network also helps communities to establish their own local parenting networks and partners with other Ohio-based parenting organizations to help them expand their reach [source: P2PN]. The Parent to Parent Network provides its affiliates with educational resources, Web support, grant writing and programming resources so that these organizations can reach other parents and children in crisis [source: P2PN].

Through its efforts, the Parent to Parent Network is helping families and communities come together to develop strategies for addressing the tough issues confronting teens. Their resources on www.parent2parentnetwork.org can help to get the conversation going -- between parents and their kids and in the community at large, too. For more information on parent-to-parent networks and their Web sites, check out the links on the following page.

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