What is p2pusa.org?

Using p2pusa.org

If you are a parent of a special needs child or young adult, it's likely that you are in need of support in some way. You might need emotional support as you face daily challenges, or you might need informational support as you make decisions that affect your child's welfare. Parent to Parent USA's Web site, p2pusa.org, offers a list of Parent to Parent programs organized by state, in addition to contact details and other information about the individual programs. The programs listed are expected to adhere to the quality standards and practices that Parent to Parent USA promotes [sources: P2P USA: History].

Perhaps you have been a parent of a special needs child for a while now. You want to share your hard-earned wisdom and experience, but you don't know how to find others who could benefit from your knowledge. The Parent to Parent USA site can also help you find a program nearby that can facilitate a match between you and another parent who needs exactly the kind of knowledge and emotional support you have to offer. State Parent to Parent programs offer the training you need to become an effective support parent [source: P2P Wisconsin].

Once you've decided to pursue a Parent to Parent match, browse the Web site and contact a program in your area to find out more. You might be interested in some of the research behind P2P USA's quality standards or the training that parents receive from the programs. For more about the effectiveness of Parent to Parent programs, go on to the next page.