How can mom enjoy a bit of me time?

You have to find some time for yourself, but it doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. Here are some activities to try.

Do you and your friends enjoy wine? You can throw an inexpensive wine-tasting party. Everyone can bring her favorite bottle of wine, or perhaps a new wine you all want to try. You'll supply the appetizers. You can talk about the vintages, nose and taste of the wine if you really want to … or you can just enjoy the company and a nice drink.


A good bath is probably the most budget-friendly indulgence. If finding some quiet time in the house is a trial, you can get a free makeover at a cosmetics counter at the mall; you really don't have to buy anything. If you are going to go out for your me time, you might also want to take in some culture or a class. Have you visited your local museum lately? Is there a lecture or talk at a local bookstore or community center that you'd like to attend?

When you're looking for some me time, don't be shy about dropping hints to your spouse and your family about what you'd like. Breakfast in bed is always a pleasure and won't cost a lot -- although you might want to just appreciate their effort and your extra time in bed rather than expect crepes. One of the greatest (and least expensive) gifts you can receive is the luxury of time in the first place. Are there some chores your kids or spouse can take for the day (or week)? Maybe you do really want to take that bath, so having your spouse take the kids out for the afternoon and leaving you at home alone is what you want most.