How to get a birth certificate replacement

You've looked and looked everywhere in your home, but still can't find your birth certificate. It's time to get a replacement, but how?

Follow the steps below to obtain your birth certificate.


  1. Go to the portal for the U.S. government at
  2. Click Vital Documents in the middle of the right side of the page.
  3. Click Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates.
  4. The Where to Write for Vital Records page is displayed. Click the name of the state where you were born.
  5. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) page is displayed for your state. The cost of birth certificate replacement, your address when you were born and other remarks are displayed. When requesting your birth certificate, remember that some states may archive birth certificates at various physical locations due to the age of the records. So make sure you are writing to the correct address. Follow the instructions on the state's website regarding the purchase of replacement birth certificates [source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention].

Remember that the process of obtaining a replacement birth certificate varies from state to state. In some areas you must write to the state government to request your birth certificate and include a check or money order. In other states you can apply online and pay by credit card. However, due to recent legislation you may be asked for proof of identity. This may involve sending photocopies of ID cards, tax returns, bank statements and other forms of ID (source: North Dakota Department of Health Records).

Good luck!