How to Deal With Mooching Adult Children

Stop Enabling Mooching Adult Children

Successful parenting means raising your kids to be healthy, independent adults. Like it or not, dealing with a mooching adult child means making more hard parenting choices. Like other phases of parenting, you'll have to adjust your thinking and behavior. Your child won't be an independent adult until you make him climb down from the parental money tree.

First, figure out what you're doing that enables the mooching -- and stop it. Second, don't make excuses for your kid's neediness. Coddling and excuses encourage dependency; they'll never help your child stand on his own feet financially. Finally, learn to say no. While it may not seem like it at first, making your adult kid pay his own bills and living expenses could be the kindest thing you ever do -- for him and for yourself.

Want to Jimmy off your couch and on his own? Follow the steps on the next page to help your mooching adult child become self-sufficient.