How to Deal With Mooching Adult Children

How to Deal with Mooching Adult Children

Unfortunately, dealing with mooching adult children involves a complex web of emotions that extends throughout your relationships. While you (and possibly the grown kid) could experience a simmering stew of guilt, hope, denial, worry and disappointment, your friends and other relatives feel frustration that the moocher is taking advantage of you. Here are some steps you can take to temper the emotional hurdles and begin to put a stop to the mooching:

  • Examine your own finances. A hard bottom line can help take emotion out of the picture.
  • Understand that emotional support and guidance are as valuable as financial support.
  • Get a team or support group on your side. Either can help you stand firm on ending the mooching.
  • Look at your own behavior. Are you sending the message that you think your child isn't capable of taking care of him or herself?

You may actually be an unconscious partner in the mooching, enabling your adult child's dependency. Keep reading to learn how to stop being an enabler.