How to Coach Your Adult Child Into a Career

Put the Campus Career Center to Work

As a recent graduate, your child is most likely entitled to take advantage of any free career services provided by his or her alma mater. With this in mind, the Internet-savvy parent may want to surreptitiously redirect her grown child's browser homepage to the college's career services page -- or you could just ask whether they've checked into it recently. Career centers frequently offer everything from resume critique and interview preparation to personal skills assessments, recruitment fairs and networking events, so any subterfuge you need to undertake could be well worth your while.

If your child is still a student, campus career centers are also great resources for researching and landing that all-important summer internship. And forget waiting until senior year: "The Wall Street Journal" reports that many colleges now encourage students to apply for internships beginning in their freshman summer. Yes, it's possible that your student will change majors 13 times after that (not that we're speaking from personal experience or anything), but an internship still provides valuable work experience -- even if only to help your child figure out what they don't want to do for a living.