How to Carve Out Mother-Daughter Bonding Time

By: Sara Elliott

Just being together counts!
Just being together counts!

Time moves faster and faster, and before you know it, tucking your daughter in for the night will seem like a distant memory. Knowing that these are precious years is one thing; finding ways to make the most of them may be something else entirely. One day your girl's hanging on your every word, and the next, she's spending all of her spare time texting her friends and asking for some privacy.

What's the best way to maintain a connection with the independent spirit and developing individual who's your daughter? Remember when your little girl wanted to parade around in your shoes, wear your apron, sleep with your favorite silk scarf and be just like you. Those days may not be gone. Think of them as being on hiatus until she realizes that her friends don't have all the answers.


Don't despair. There are some clever ways you can maintain a connection with your daughter, even during these hectic and demanding years. Here's the sad truth: All it takes is time -- the one commodity you probably have the least of right now. Before you become a footnote in her day, build a strong bond with your daughter that will survive the teen years and forge a lifelong bridge between the generations.