How to Bond With Kids Over Video Games

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Remember the days of playing games like Monopoly and Candyland with your folks? You'd all gather around and vie for Boardwalk and Park Place, or you'd race past Gumdrop Mountain.

While your little ones may enjoy an old-school board game now and then, most kids today would rather control pixilated characters than colored plastic gingerbread men and die-cast Scotty dogs. Don't worry, playing video games is actually a great way to bond with your kids. Video games are generally more interactive than board games and will undoubtedly hold your attention longer, especially if your kids are small (trust us, a game of Chutes and Ladders doesn't take nearly as long as you remember).

Playing video games isn't as simple as spinning a wheel and moving "x" number of spaces. Even if you're a seasoned gamer, you've got a lot to learn before pressing start with your little players. You're going to have to find age-appropriate titles that you can all enjoy, and then you'll have to get in some good bonding time while playing them. But don't toss your controller at the impossibility of the task yet. Think of this article as your cheat code to infinite fun times with your children. We'll teach you how to find a title that's age-appropriate and in line with your family's interests, and we'll explain why it's OK to scale back your skills and let your kid win a round or two.

Did you know that you can tell if a game is suitable for your family just by glancing at the box? Find out how on the next page.