What is familyeducation.com?

Benefits of familyeducation.com

The familyeducation.com Web site averages more than 15,000 views per day [source: Dataopedia]. Because of its longevity and popularity, familyeducation.com covers an astonishing amount of information and represents a variety of parenting styles. Whatever your stage of parenthood -- the site offers information from pregnancy issues to advice for parents of college-bound teens -- you'll be able to find relevant information. The site's message boards reflect the diversity of parenting stages, parenting styles and family situations found among users. Discussions on single parenting, stepfamilies and adoptive parents are common [source: Family Education].

Familyeducation.com also serves a growing global community. While two-thirds of its users are located in the United States, nearly 10 percent are located in India, with significant numbers of users in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia [source: Dataopedia]. As a result, site users become part of an international community of parents and have the benefit of listening to the concerns and tips of a culturally diverse group of people.

Another advantage familyeducation.com has over other parenting advice outlets, such as parenting books and magazines, is that it's always up to date on the latest parenting news. Safety recalls, vaccine news and seasonal tips are available as they become known, without the lag time of a print resource [source: My News Desk].

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