What is familyeducation.com?

Using familyeducation.com

Familyeducation.com is an organized online parenting resource with information arranged in several ways so you can quickly navigate to what's most relevant to you. A toolbar-style menu at the top of every page arranges information according to age (moms, children ages 0 to 6 years, children ages 7 to 11 years and children ages 12 to 18 years). The toolbar also provides links to the community resources (blogs and message boards) and food areas.

A color-coded tools box is found in the side margin and includes a number of searchable topics: Baby Name Finder (blue), Recipe Finder (green), Activities Finder (pink), Printables Finder (yellow), Family Name Finder (dark blue) and Expert Advice Finder (olive green). Other tools and high-interest topics are listed underneath.

Throughout the site, serious information, including medical and nutritional topics, is balanced with more lighthearted fare, like "Which TV Mom Are You?" and "Famous Cats" quizzes [source: Family Education, Family Education].

If you're not online too often and don't like to click and search for content, familyeducation.com has another option for accessing its information. In addition to online content, the site offers several newsletter subscriptions. These newsletters are provided free of charge, and you can choose topics of interest or relevance to you and your family and have the appropriate newsletters delivered to your inbox. Newsletter topics range from general family issues, such as "Family Fun" and "Healthy Moms, Healthy Families," to age-specific information, such as "Pregnancy, Babies, & Toddlers" and "Your Child, Ages 12-18." A newsletter concerning learning disabilities, LD and ADHD, is also offered [source: Family Education].

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