What is familyeducation.com?

FamilyEducation.com has been a resource for parents since 1996. See more parenting pictures.

Most people would agree that parenting is full of challenges -- large and small, expected and unexpected. Some challenges are physical and practical: your six-year-old eats only peanut butter; your three-month-old is running a fever and you don't know if you should call the pediatrician; your pre-teen has a birthday coming up and you have no gift ideas. Some challenges are emotional and relational: you feel depressed after having a new baby; you worry you're not a good parent; you know you need to have "the talk" with your child but you don't know how to go about it.

Many parents are finding solutions to these challenges on familyeducation.com. This online resource, part of Pearson's Family Education network, has been supporting and educating parents through the practical and relational challenges of parenthood since 1996, long before the deluge of parenting sites began [source: Family Education Network]. As a result, the site has had many years to gather quality content on nearly every subject of parenting. In addition to parenting advice of all types, the site also offers meal ideas, arts and crafts projects, educational activities, an online community and parent bloggers [sources: Pearson, Family Education].

With such a wide range of topics, using familyeducation.com may seem like an overwhelming venture -- after all, we already live in a world that's overloaded with information. But you can navigate familyeducation.com. Keep reading to learn more about the site and to familiarize yourself with its basic structure.