What are some easy meals for working parents?

Working parents can make quick, delicious and nutritious meals for the whole family. Planning ahead makes it easier to create healthy meals that can be prepared quickly and that include a few ingredients that can be readily available at home. There are cookbooks on the market and Web sites with recipes for quick and nutritious meals that can be a great help to working parents. A busy working day often means skipping meals or eating on the go, and that is not a healthy lifestyle for adults, as well as for children. A general rule of thumb for making easy meals is to keep it simple. Fresh fruits and vegetables are nutritious any way they are prepared, and fruit salad, raw veggies and homemade soups are quick fixes for a nutritious meal. Have yogurt, fruits, vegetables, low-fat cheeses and whole-wheat bread on hand. Crock pots or slow cookers are handy for all-in-one meals that you can plan and start ahead.

Dieticians recommend planning meals and also suggest that you avoid shopping on a daily basis for the evening meal. Convenience foods for quick meals may seem like a stress-free option, but there is nothing nutritious about a pre-packaged meal. When you are in control of the ingredients and preparation, even a healthy sandwich is better than fast foods. If you plan ahead, healthy fish and chicken dishes with vegetables can become stress-free staples of your family meals, even at the end of a long workday. Add a side dish, vegetables, and a quick soup to leftovers for another day's meal. Freeze leftovers for days when preparation is not going to be possible, however easy the recipe. It's easy to create a healthy meal following this simple guideline: one protein, one whole grain, one fruit, one vegetable and one milk product make a complete and healthy meal.